Digitizing the Physical World

Infusing Intelligence & Control

To date, AI has mostly been focused on data that's already digital in ERP, CRM, and financial systems. Unfortunately, the benefits of AI have yet to be reaped by a huge sector of our economy—the complex, labor-intensive industries with far flung physical assets and distributed service locations, which, by their very nature, are analog with no digital data for AI to act on. 

But the reality is, those environments do have data—it's just dark. That's where we come in. The BrightAI platform digitizes the distributed, messy, physical parts of business where people and equipment interact, illuminating this once-hidden data. And that data can be used by AI to do amazing, transformative things.

We know so because we’ve done it.

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Our Applied AI + IoT Platform

The BrightAI platform is an end-to-end solution that enables you to transform from a traditional operating model to a digital operating system, with all its inherent possibilities for scale, growth, and value creation.

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Enterprise IoT

Monitoring and control devices including cameras, phones, drones, and custom-built devices (e.g. sensors, take-over boards, laser measuring systems) convert anything in the physical environment, such as people and equipment, into the digital world, powering real-time intelligence and control.

Intelligent Edge

The AI Hub connects and orchestrates all the devices in the space to talk to our AI cloud for motion, behavior, and pattern recognition. Once trained, on-board AI interprets data and makes decisions locally, improving speed, security, privacy, and anonymity.

AI Cloud

The AI Cloud ingests data and leverages our recognizer bench, pose engine, machine learning, and 3D/AR modeler to detect behaviors and patterns, then make controlled decisions. It contains an enterprise integration layer with APIs that reports to other systems and mobile apps.

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Cloud & Mobile Integrations

Custom-developed web and mobile applications, APIs, and SDKs that connect the system end-to-end, inclusive of enterprise users (remote service apps, admin portal, analytics/reports, etc.) and end customers (mobile notifications, payments, loyalty programs, etc).

Crossing the EBITDA Chasm

We’ve delivered transformational financial benefits to our customers:

  • Hyper-efficient operations that reduce CapEx & OpEx.
  • New customer experiences that drive retention and lifetime value.
  • Innovative new business models that accelerate growth.
  • Disruptive impact on competition that fuels market share gains.

Naturally, you’re questioning how much investment is required, and how you can do it without crushing your current financial model.

We call that the problem of the EBITDA chasm. How do you transition from being king of your current hill to king of the much larger disruptor hill, without having to descend into the valley of declining profitability?

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Disruption That Pays for Itself

The whole point of tech platforms is that they provide customers the most economical way to do something, without having to invest in building it themselves. So, in the same way that AWS solved the cloud problem for enterprises, we are solving the AI + IoT problem.  

Our platform is the bridge across the EBITDA chasm. We rapidly digitize a part of your operation, driving incremental profits that fuel the flywheel and power accelerated transformation impacts. 

We’re on a roll. 

We’re just getting started, and have partnered with four leading private equity firms to transform five major industries, touching tens of millions of consumers and businesses.

At the Edge, we are now intelligently interpreting 330 terabytes of visual and sensor data per day with our AI models. 

The momentum has continued to accelerate on our platform, which is growing at more than 100% per month. 

  • This is generating more than seven million events per day in our cloud to help transform the operations of our enterprise customers.
  • We launched the 3rd generation of our family of Edge AI hubs, which are being deployed in thousands of new locations per month:
    • ½ teraflop Edge AI computing with only five watts of power, scaling up to 30 teraflops with 30 watts for more complex environments.
    • Custom Cellular, WiFi, and other network stacks to provide robust and cost effective connectivity everywhere.
  • We are bringing our enterprise customers’ physical operations to life with our development of:
    • The 2nd generation of our family of AI cameras.
    • Eight next-gen IoT devices, ranging from industrial machine control boards to sensors to laser-based environmental scanners.
    • 10 custom enterprise client applications crossing iOS, Android, web, and television, reaching millions of users.

Together, these innovations are powering the transformation of our industry-leading enterprise customers, driving revenue growth, new product experiences, improved service, operational efficiencies, reduced capital expenditures, and greater free cash flow. 

We’re already created billions of dollars in enterprise value for our customers—and we’re just getting started.

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