If these four words describe you, you’re in the right place.

Everyone here has an innate desire to investigate new solutions to old problems. We’re explorers, makers, coders, growth hackers, and tinkerers who love rolling up our sleeves and getting our hands dirty to create a disruptive future for our customers—and the world.


Unlock Unimagined Potential

It’s not only what we do for our customers, but also what we want for every single person on our team.

Our Values


Be Innovative

We set an ambitious goal for every customer and employee—to come up with ingenious solutions to old problems, disrupt the industry, and unlock unimagined potential.


Push the Envelope

If you’re not continuously thinking big, being curious, and exploring new ideas, you’re doing it wrong.


Drive for Results

We roll up our sleeves and relentlessly push ahead to deliver solutions that make a transformational impact—fast.


Set the Bar High

Some might call our standards too high, but we're building something amazing, and nothing great ever came from setting the bar too low.


Make Your Mark

We strive to create a platform, and a company, that leaves a lasting mark on the world. 


Take Action & Ownership

We do a lot of big thinking, but then take action to turn these ideas into reality. We put aside our egos and rise to the occasion—you’ll never hear anyone say: “That’s not my job.” 


the BrightAI
Spark Award brightai-sparks

Everyone at BrightAI gets the chance to recognize and thank team members who embody our core values.

The BrightAI Spark Award gives staff the chance to nominate colleagues for showing extraordinary commitment and making an outstanding contribution. 

The nominations are reviewed by BrightAI’s leadership team, and the winners are announced to the whole team.  

Being chosen by your colleagues as a valued team member who has made an impressive impact is truly meaningful, as these previous Spark Award winners can confirm:


  • Golda Hartman
  • Luke Bredeson
  • Barry Andersen


  • Dan Scoville
  • Albert Carr
  • Mark Jaremko
  • Ben Godding



Create tech solutions that solve real life problems.

Does the idea of bringing a new category of AI and IoT into the world excite you? Then this video is for you. BrightAI is ushering in a new industrial revolution, and we’re looking for creative, curious, and passionate technologists to help us. Watch the video below to hear our leaders explain more about what BrightAI does, and who we want on our team.

Bring your authentic self.

Two things we know to be true:

  1. Breakthrough ideas come from diverse groups.
  2. The best work happens when you’re free to be yourself. 

To create disruptive impact, we need a team with unique perspectives, cultures, and life experiences that come up with transformational solutions to old problems—and ultimately, create a brighter future. But building a diverse team isn’t enough. In order to thrive, we must actively ensure that everyone feels they truly belong here. 



Do you want to revolutionize the future?

Want to change the world alongside the brightest minds in AI and IoT? You’d be hard pressed to find a deeper talent pool anywhere in the country. Speaking of location, we have team members all across the country—from the San Francisco Bay area to Washington D.C. and everywhere in between.

We’re over 100 strong—and growing quickly—so join our team of amazing engineers, and help us disrupt the future.