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Latham Pool partnered with BrightAI to develop and launch the first ever 3D Measurement AI Scanner to the pool industry. The innovative tech will reduce pool construction measurement time from hours to minutes and expedite pool cover and liner deliveries from weeks to days.

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"Measure is the culmination of years of deep research and development, and we are excited to begin deploying this innovative technology to our dealers. With cutting-edge 3D-awareness technology and scanning techniques, Measure by Latham is the first tool of its kind, aimed at modernizing and simplifying the pool measurement process."

–  Scott Rajeski, president and CEO of Latham Pool

The Challenge

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Latham Pool, a leading public company at the forefront of in-ground residential swimming pool solutions, encounters a substantial obstacle in manual measurements. With over 2,000 employees spanning more than 30 locations and an annual production exceeding 100,000 pool covers and liners, meticulous measurement accuracy is essential to eliminate costly reworks.

The current process relies on builders manually conducting measurements, a method susceptible to human error which often requires two individuals wrestling with tape measures while recording data and performing manual calculations. Latham Pool's order entry and design departments work hard to support custom orders including details of hand sketches and measurement provided by their customer base. Back-and-forth exchanges are common to verify measurements in order to produce an accurate customer cover or liner for inground swimming pools.  In most cases, this complex process necessitates multiple phone calls, emails, and even on-site revisits.

The challenge at hand is clear: revolutionize pool measurements from this labor-intensive, error-prone, and time-consuming process to a streamlined, automated solution that ensures precision and accelerates delivery.

The Solution

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BrightAI's 3D AI Scanner, in partnership with Latham Pool, has brought about a transformative solution for the pool industry. This innovation empowers Latham Pool’s builder network by enabling a single operator to capture precise 3D measurements using an augmented-reality pole for pools of any size or shape. This technology effortlessly accommodates various poolside features, including diving decks, ladders, and intricate 3D dimensions of decorative rocks.

In a matter of minutes (not hours), Measure by Latham Pool generates an accurate drawing. By leveraging the integrated builder management portal, Latham Pool seamlessly can provide accurate pricing, allowing for swift conversion of quotes into order while using the design prepared for production. This simplifies the conversion of measurements into sales.

For Latham Pool's manufacturing department, the benefits are equally profound. They now receive same-day digital orders backed by accurate data from Measure, eliminating communication delays and production errors. The result is a streamlined, efficient process that enhances precision, accelerates sales, and ensures a seamless transition from design to manufacturing.

Broader Industry Use Cases

BrightAI’s 3D AI scanner and Autonomous Infrastructure Measurement technology can also be leveraged in broader infrastructure services companies:

  • Water Infrastructure: Autonomous water pipeline measurement & inspection; Autonomous water plant inspection
  • Power Infrastructure: Autonomous utility / solar / wind measurement & inspection
  • Construction & Manufacturing: 3D precision measurement, AI direct measure, ordering, and manufacturing
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