The BrightAI platform transforms business results by digitizing your physical environment, making it intelligent and controllable, and unlocking opportunities for growth you never imagined possible.


Imagine the myriad opportunities when you have real-time intelligence about how people and machines are interacting in every one of your locations – and the ability to automatically initiate different actions based on each unique situation.

The platform gives you that power. It’s like we combine Superman’s x-ray vision, the Flash’s speed, and Ironman’s intellect and then scale it to every one of your locations 24/7. All without increasing CapEx or OpEx … in fact, the opposite.

Intelligent Edge

Intelligent Edge

On premise AI engine with connected IoT sensors and control devices providing local intelligence, security, privacy and connectivity.

Spatial AI

Spatial AI

Motion, behavior and pattern recognition models providing real-time situational intelligence while protecting personal privacy and preserving anonymity.

Enterprise IoT

Enterprise IoT

Connecting Enterprise AI to real-time machine data, making your assets visible, intelligent and manageable to streamline business processes, increase productivity, and develop cutting-edge solutions.

Tailored Integrations

Tailored Integrations

Custom developed web and mobile applications, APIs, SDKs and custom hardware to deliver the full value of the end-to-end solution inclusive of the enterprise and it’s end consumers.


We’re a different kind of AI company. We focus on solving tangible business problems, not math problems. Our “Applied AI” platform solves concrete business problems enabling immediate benefit realization. Rapid deployment of our platform alongside your current operations, yields immediate impactful results, and creates a flywheel effect where the incremental revenue enables accelerated business expansion.

Digital transformation of physical products & services

Hyper efficient operations that reduce capital & operating expenses

New customer experiences that drive retention & lifetime value

New business models that accelerate growth & profits

Our Team

You’d be hard pressed to find a team with more experience in AI, IoT, Cloud and Mobile. They’re the brains behind Amazon Alexa, Amazon Prime Music and Samsung SmartThings, iconic platforms used by hundreds of millions of consumers across the globe. Now the team is focused on helping enterprises unleash these powerful technologies to realize transformational value.

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