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We transform anything in the physical world into digital, infusing intelligence and control where there was none, and unlocking unimagined potential for business growth and social good.

Are you sitting on a “hidden gem” business?

Let BrightAI unlock your potential.

BrightAI was founded on the belief that “hidden-gem” enterprises — established businesses with multiple locations, fleets of machines, and labor-intensive processes — overlook their full potential. Often, these traditional companies are unable to imagine how tech solutions can help dramatically improve the efficiency and profitability of their existing systems. BrightAI brings full-service solutions that reduce costs and unlock cash flow for these businesses and their investors.
How? Watch the video below to find out.


Source: Competing in the Age of AI, Iansiti, Lakhani

Digital is eating the physical world. 

Traditional enterprises with a heavy physical presence and labor-intensive operations have been safe—until now. In the next 10 years, AI will disrupt every industry—including yours.

Affordable yet powerful IoT devices, combined with Edge AI, cloud and mobile technologies, are enabling even the most traditional businesses to digitize and disrupt their industries. 

To the disruptor goes the spoils:

  • Massive scale advantages that create a winner-take-all dynamic.
  • Revenue gains from increased share and higher TAM from new offerings.
  • Industry-leading EBITDA.
  • Enterprise valuations 2-4x the competition.

The question isn’t: Will your industry be disrupted?

It's: Who will do it?

We're on a mission.

We believe strong businesses power human progress and competitiveness, which is why we’re worried that so many of our traditional industries are falling behind. We built BrightAI to solve this problem. We’re the innovators that pioneered IoT at Samsung SmartThings and AI at Amazon (Alexa, AWS, Fire TV). Now, we’re on a mission to help legacy enterprises unleash these breakthrough technologies, realize transformational value, and vault ahead of global competition.


We’re at a very unique moment in time.

We combine these powerful technologies into one platform, making digital transformation accessible, adoptable, and affordable for companies who aren't Amazon or Google. 

It's not just about the tech. 

We deliver disruptive ideas designed to transform your business—deploying and creating value in just a few short months. 

We create an EBITDA flywheel.

Even the most forward-thinking firms wonder how to tackle true end-to-end transformation within the constraints of their current operating model and investor expectations. We solve that problem by deploying rapidly alongside your current operations, quickly driving incremental cash flows, and creating an EBITDA flywheel effect that funds accelerated expansion.

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Let’s Change Your World Together